Perspectives at Target:

People usually pick retail jobs because of the amazing benefits they offer. They give employees discounts when they buy things from the store. It is a great advantage work for a store like target since they offer a wide variety of products. They have everything you need at reasonable prices. If one works for target, he could “target-Size” his entire house and he would be saving ridiculous amount of money without sacrificing quality.

Target refers to their customers as guests, their employees as team members, supervisors as team leaders. Further up they call each position differently from what it’s commonly known for. Whatever your background is, Target assures that there is a position that fits you. There are three places where you could be working when you work for Target. You can be at the corporate office, Stores or Distribution centers.


There has to be people working hard in the back end continually making improvements to shopping at Target. The common line you see everywhere in the store is “Expect more. Pay less.” Target offers a wide variety of products at very affordable prices. That is what consumers deserve. We should be saving money without sacrificing the quality of the product that we are getting. Workers at the corporate office specialize on making this happen. They do research and establish business relations to suppliers to achieve this. They work together everyday to develop new ideas, create solutions to existing issues, and develop innovations for a better shopping experience.

When you start working for corporate for Target, you get a mentor. You meet with you mentor to get to know her and she give you a background of your role in the team. There is no work at target that is not recognized. You either get a note, an email or a pat in the back from coworkers for the hard work you’ve done. This is helpful to maintain a healthy relationship at work.

Expect More. Pay Less.

The main focus on this line is to offer quality products at low cost. They are always in the process of introducing new great products that are amazingly low priced. Target closely introduces this to consumers through the television, print ads and at the store itself.

Community giving

Target does not focus on making money. They also do charity work by giving 5% of their income towards education, social services and arts. This adds up to millions of dollars every month.

Design for All

Target designs are not limited to young or old people. It is for everyone.


When people see a big, red bull’s-eye logo, they recognize the brand. Red is just a very string color that catches the eye, and the simplicity of the bull’s-eye does not hurt the eyes. They define it as energy – fun, fast and friendly.


The store is the front end of target. This is what generates the business and outputs the corporate hard work. To work for the Target store, you’re role is to make the consumer’s shopping experience easier. One has to be polite and friendly to establish good relationships with the guests.

Team members are introduced to their mentors. They build a good work relationship themselves in order to effectively work together. They both work closely to make sure the team member receives proper training and support along the way. As mentioned earlier, no hard work gets unrecognized. Target team member gets recognition from coworkers that help build that strong relationship in the workplace.

They are also encouraged to join community based volunteer work. This includes building homes for Habitat for humanity, reading lessons to people who need it and preparing meals.

Distribution Centers

Team members at Distribution centers are energetic, self-motivated and very efficient. You will see millions of boxes, miles of conveyors and innovative technology. The first day at work, you meet with your mentor to discuss your special role that goes along with a lot of responsibilities. This job is fast paced and rewarding. At every end of a huddle, they take time to call out a job well done. This shows great working relationships with everyone at the center Sophisticated computer systems make the job easier and more efficient that will satisfy the need of its millions of customers.

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