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What to do with resume if I had multiple jobs in a short period of time?

Well, what can you do? You can’t destroy it; because after all you still need your resume to get jobs in future 😀 One good suggestion that I many times saw on resumes of people who changed their jobs fast was to explain the leave reason after every working place. This helps a lot taking into account recent world crisis and unstable financial situation globally.

Anyway, I will be speaking openly with you on this one, because to say the truth my last two jobs were all less than a year and no way am I proud of this especially if to take into account that I’m a professional recruiter bringing 4 years of commercial experience to the table.

Frankly, I am about to start a position with a new company which I believe will finally be a long engagement in which I will manage to show dedication to the company as well as will bring good results and expand my resume with significant achievements. This new job I got by explaining my short stays with the previous companies too. It wasn’t hard for me to do because behind each job leave stood the reasoning which was big enough for me to make the move. Also from the interviewers’ reaction I saw
that the reason was big enough for them too.

If you are not a light-minded person and take well-thought decisions, then you probably have serious reasons which would sound big at your future interviews and wouldn’t give awrong impression of you to the interviewer.

If you still think that your resume could possibly miss couple of good interviews you’d like to attend, state in one-two lines the reasons of your leaves or your motivation factors and I’m sure you’ll be considered more attentively.

This is wise to state leave reasons because short work engagements support the thought that you probably have no significant reasons and were motivated by the compensation factor only.

Before changing your job, look at your resume and calculate:

  • how long were you with the company?
  • analyze if you achieved goals and targets while working for this company?
  • did you gain significant experience and results with which your resume could be extended?
  • will you be able to get good references from this work place?

If the answers to these questions are poor or negative ones, my advice – don’t leave. Stay! Activate yourself. Take new challenges. Re-think the usual work approach. Implement new methods and solutions. Become successful! And only when remembered by your colleagues and managers as a great person and dedicated professional think about finding another job, but only of course if you’ll still want
one after being that successful and loved :))))))

Good luck!

Kevin, ResumeWritingService.Biz Expert comments:

Greg, this site owner, had passed through such problem too. He had  top level positions in 3 companies moving from one to another after 6-12 months. To a common top manager that would be a killer for resume. For Greg though it was ok since in his resume it was clearly stated that

a) these were contracted jobs which assumed fixed partnership terms

b) these were crisis management jobs that requires him fixing the corporate problems on org or process levels, and passing the management next to someone else who was hired not to ruin-and-rebuild but to support-and-develop.

After all though, Greg ended up with own ventures start up heh.

Good post Maryna!

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