marina-resumewriting-sWritten by: Maryna Mazurenko

Brain Fitness For Candidates/Employees Just From Maternity Leave: Tips To Follow

Maternity leaves are various in duration in different countries. For example in Canada/USA/UK – about 1 year, in many European countries – 3 years, Sweden – 1,5 years, etc.

If you have been on maternity leave for let’s say 3 years, there are many things about your work that you might have forgotten, so I advise you to take a look at this next article to brainstorm your work come back and how it to go smoothly as well as how to be successful and productive.

My first advice would be – as your maternity leave is slowly getting to its end, start thinking on how things will be working out:

  • Look at your wardrobe. Make certain the clothes you have look good on you, if there are concerns, do some shopping. Don’t forget about comfortable shoes and bag. It’s good to do some extra shopping to have all things that you might need available.
  • Investigate the quality childcare. Make sure your baby will receive professional and all needed attention and care. Reassure all your mother concerns may be fully dissipated and all your needs met. It’s good to arrange the childcare while you’re still in your maternity leave and have your baby spend couple of hours or half a day in that childcare for some time, then you’ll be able to entrust your child for a full day and have peace in your heart that everything is going well with your baby.
  • Make sure your family support is available to help you the first couple of months while you adjust to your work and being on time to pick up the baby from the childcare.

Now, when your baby is spending half the day in the childcare, you can set up a meeting with your direct boss or HR Department representative to discuss your return. There are many things that can and needs to be discussed during this meeting. Make sure the person you are talking with is trusting that you are ready physically and emotionally to come back to your work.

  • You can discuss working half day for first 2 weeks, for example.
  • Also you can talk about taking easy assignments first 2-4 weeks. No need to rock the mountains from the very beginning. There are many things you will need to think about these first weeks. You will be thinking on how your baby is doing there without you and it will disturb you significantly from your work. So, take the tasks you can do and do goo. As you take these assignments, make sure you fully concentrate on them and achieve the expected results or better exceed the set expectations. You must be successful as you return to work! It will not only help you to back on track faster, it will add positivity to your mood and you will be a happy mom in business.

Have a good balance between your working and non-working hours. Exclude the additional disturbings during 1-2 months of your work comeback – no guests, no extra meetings until you are fully back on track. Get lots of sleep and use the free time you have to communicate with your child, husband and family. Let them support you, listen to your concerns and be there for you in every need. Now, don’t feel sorry in trusting some extra tasks to them. Smile instead, for you gave these people a new life, the loving baby they adore spending their time with. So, take pride and believe you can go through all things together with them.

Happy return and remember – YOU CAN DO IT!

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