marina-resume-writingWritten by: Marina Mazurenko

Oh, it will hit you back; it will! Maybe I’ll repeat, but my answer is – yes, yes, yes. And the reason for my repetition is that I really want you to hear me. Not just to hear it, but to absorb it, to make it a part of your own self.

Never lie, especially on your resume. Why? Because if you lie in words, nobody except God will be able to prove it, but if you lie on paper…that’s it – you are caught because the resume is a written proof, written document.

If you think that that little lie you insert to your profile won’t do you any harm, think again.It can ruin your entire career in a moment! No way you want that, right?

First of all, everything might even be sensed during an interview with a recruiter. They like to have you speak on what you actually wrote in your profile. They also like to dig into details and have you dwell more on some interesting aspects of your experience. And you see, if you lied, they just sense it right away. You begin to speak unconfidently, the light in your eyes fades away and recruiters just know there is something wrong, not everything is the truth.

You can say that you will practice a lot to speak about something that never happened.Don’t even try, you won’t be successful anyway unless you maybe an FBI agent. If you try to lie in a safety director resume you will be denounced the second you come to a real life interview.

But if to speak frankly…it’s not worth it anyway. God will always know you lied and if your eternity in heaven can depend on that stupid lie, I wouldn’t devote any time to really think about it, I would just not do it.

It’s interesting thing, but mostly always the lie becomes known. Almost always. It hits you hard. You get to learn the taste of it and you hate the taste of it and you start to regret.

I hope this article arouses disgusting feelings within you towards lies and you will never give it a try.

Be good!

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