Edited by: Kevin Adams

So you want to be an actor?

Congratulations on choosing one of the toughest professions to break into! But have faith – it can be done.

Unfortunately there’s no one clear, straight path to breaking into the business. You’ll need a lot of luck on your side and while you can’t do anything about that, there are many things that are in your control.

The first and most important is training:

– training of all kinds

– training in all aspects of the intricacies of acting

– scene study, script breakdown, movement, voice, theater, film and television technique, to name a few.

But what about once you have a lot of training and you feel like you’re ready to get out there?

Start with an excellent headshot and a clean, clear resume – it’s your introduction and the first impression you make.

Be clear about what kind of impression that is – who are you?

Hot chick? Young stud? Goofy friend? Thug?

Be sure that your headshot reflects how you want to be perceived.

The next step is getting someone to see this introduction and be interested. This is where it gets murky and creativity kicks in.

Think of ANY connection you might have

– maybe a friend has an agent and would be willing to pass your material along

– maybe a neighbor once went to school with someone

– maybe you can sign up for a casting director workshop (make sure it’s a good, legitimate one – they will cost you money but it can be worth it.)

– SAG and AFTRA often have seminars that you can avail yourself of while you want to be doing big work, starting as an extra is a great way to get on a set (it’s not the place to network except with other extras but there’s a lot of great information to be gotten there) – and goodness knows the internet is a wealth of information.

Again – be creative in your thinking. There is plenty of non-union work to be had, and while you want to be in the union, non-union work is a great way to get film of your self.

Good and acting luck to you!

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