No one doubts that writing a resume for student can meet several problems because of work experience lack. But don’t worry! Being a student has other benefits and advantages for job-seeker, and following our tips you can emphasize them and conceal your weaknesses:

  • It’s amazing, when you’re creative person and live bright life, but your resume is not the field, where you can express yourself from this point of view. Try to use black ink, white paper, standard font, such as Times New Roman, Arial or Courier and 2cm margins. Maybe too simple for you, at first glance, format will make you look like professional CV writer.
  • Professional objective should be mentioned at the top of the resume. That makes an expression as if you’d written the resume definitely for this vacancy, not just the one for many jobs.
  • The common structure remains to be the same: full name-address-contact numbers-education-work experience-skills-personal qualities.
  • Work experience section

Employers aren’t waiting to hear from students about prominent results in professional field. It’s more important for them to know, that you’ve ever worked and can organize yourself. Don’t let yourself down, even if you have limited work experience or haven’t ever had permanent job, you’ve certainly had summer-jobs, temp job or helped neighbors with babysitting. Every from of this work has given something to you, so don’t minimize your achievements and talk faithfully about the new skills you’ve learnt and the personal qualities you’ve developed.

  • Skills section

It is evident, that you already possess some base knowledge in computer science and know foreign language – tell about them, but do not overstate. If you visited some unique master-classes, courses or took part in different discussion clubs, don’t forget to mention them and add their brief characteristics.

  • Personal qualities section

Your social work in university and volunteer activity should be mentioned with the descriptions of main responsibilities you’re meeting.

  • Other information

Here you can mention your hobbies and interests, especially if they are relevant to your job.

Don’t forget, that the maximal volume of your resume is one page, so don’t fill your student resume or CV with unnecessary facts and controversial achievements. Be faithful and show your real desire to work – respond with job offer won’t keep you waiting!

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