marina-resume-writingWritten by: Marina Mazurenko
Make sure your resume writing work wasn’t in wane! Get your interview today!

The next 5 job application process steps will help you get that interview you’ve wanted. Invest time on reading – benefit from getting an interview invite.
1. Find the job advertisement you really like and about which you feel you’re a good match. Think of it. Is it something you’d really enjoy doing? If you’re all positive – go next.
2. Study the job posting, learn the skills and requirements. You need to make sure that you are well-qualified for the job. Adjust your resume by adding/highlighting the skills that are a must on the post. Ensure that the Manager will be able to easily screen your resume and identify you as a fit.
3. Complete Application Form: on-line or on paper. Double check if all your data is corresponding with the reality, if it’s accurate, grammar and spelling are correct. No errors! Otherwise all efforts are in wane.
4. Go through Assessment Process. Some companies require you to take drug test, go through background check or answer questions with lie detector monitoring.
5. Evaluation Process: once you submitted your application package, await that it’ll be shortly reviewed by a Recruiter and in compliance with the Hiring Manager decision will be made as to invite you for an interview or not.
Of course there are many factors that influence the decision of the Manager and Recruiter, but most important is the resume.
Does it correspond with the job posting?
Does it give enough confidence that you can really do the job and both benefit and be satisfied in it?
Will the company gain from you being on-board?
There is almost no chance for you not to be shortlisted for the interview if you followed these easy steps, if you took the time and invested effort.
Remember that it’s not just the resume that makes the impression – prepare entire application package by adding cover and thank you letters, impressive references signed by the referees and of course by adjusting your CV to the job posting.
Make your paper count! Get invited today! If you feel your application package needs professional advice or/and assistance, please contact us now.

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