Writing a CV that will work for you needs devoting much effort and strength. But every second of expended time will return completely in the quality of job you will be offered. That’s why it is vitally important to be sure your CV doesn’t leave much to be desired.

Our advice: while CV writing keep in your mind the next points and no doubt you’ll become professional CV writer:

  • Use standard font without bold or italics and bullet points for any list you’re going to create. It’s important to avoid fancy fonts when you’re sending your CV per e-mail, because of existing software difference on different computers.
  • Don’t send one resume to several companies, make unique for each vacancy. Your CV must be a fully reflection of the requirements, so don’t mention everything you know and can, highlight only relevant to your further position work experience and skills.
  • First information given is the most important, so your prominent and strong sides should be placed at the head of your CV.
  • Skilled-based format can reflect your achievements and the fact you’re the right person in the best way. For this kind of resume your skills are more important, than dates and companies, you’ve worked for.
  • Avoid using first person and clichés. Professional CV writing means simple and lucid language and in certain cases professional terms usage.
  • Don’t neglect the importance of volunteer work and membership in social organizations – personal qualities remain playing significant role.
  • Use statistic numbers and percent to emphasize results of your work.
  • Be honest and never boast yourself.
  • Always proofread your text before CV submitting. It’s better to give it to someone else – fresh look notes mistakes much more efficient than your own.
  • Don’t forget about attaching covering letter. Sometimes it attracts employer more than CV separately.

Writing a CV implies to be formal and exact as far as you’re writing a document. In spite of this, never be like everybody and remain being unique even in CV writing and be sure you’ll capture employer’s attention.

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