Written by:  Marina Meyer

Thinking what your 1st job may be? The one that you can really do well and the one that you have serious chances to get?

Check the list below and think what matches you the best…

  • mystery shopper, especially for any entertainment industry – you not only work but also [probably] get fun/service/goods for free!
  • live guard, but you got to know how to swim well and be sure you can keep yourself calm when something unexpected happens
  • summer kids camp counselor – you get rest and you get decent organization/management experience that then can work good for you, some day
  • data entry operator – may sound boring but many people start like that and then do pretty much well
  • promoter on any festival/fair organized – lots of communication, good opportunity to meet new people and build new connections

Whatever sounds good to you – try! Summer is on, and it is the best time for such jobs now!

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