One of the most important sections in CV writing is your work experience paragraph. There you name dates, company and its address, title of your position and describe your main activities, achievements and new skills you developed.

Just look at the one of the points in professional functional CV of financial analyst:

Research Assistant, Blacksburg, VA, January 1998 – July 2000

Office of Institutional Research and Development, Virginia Polytechnic Institute & State University

•     Designed a framework for assessing economic impact of USAID-funded Integrated Pest Management (IPM) program.

•     Performed economic (Benefit-Cost Analysis) and statistical analysis of IPM programs using database-based computer program called DREAM.

•     Traveled to both sites and collected primary and secondary data and information.

•     Examined the transferability of IPM technologies and their adoption beyond the primary sites using spatial modeling within a framework of geographic information system (GIS) technology

Hopefully, the common construction is clear, thereto you can place information in the way you seem it more attractive. But when you have problems with finding proper words in your professional description (such as “vehicle use”, “employee performance” and “compliance with safety standards” for a transportation supervisor resumeor you think, that there is nothing to emphasize in your work experience, look through this list. Each point about your previous company helps you to find effective way to make your CV shine:

  • number of staff
  • number of accounts
  • annual turnover or revenue
  • annual cost budgets
  • number of departments
  • number of locations
  • international coverage
  • number of distributors or customers
  • value of business
  • number of products
  • number or scale of developments
  • throughput or output
  • speed of operation or turn-around
  • travel or coverage
  • type of organization – private, public, institutional, not-for-profit, etc
  • product or services descriptions
  • expertise and quality standards and levels
  • market position and share
  • competitive position
  • trends – increasing, reducing, declining, mature, developing, etc
  • distribution model
  • maturity of business or sector
  • other factors, pressures, growth, etc

You can also include in your CV some information about non-work experience in such dimensions:

  • voluntary work
  • grants and funding applications
  • committee membership of societies and clubs
  • organizing things – at school, college, university, local community
  • running a part-time business
  • teaching and helping people
  • caring for people
  • creating things – art, writing, photography, sculpture, etc
  • languages
  • sports and fitness
  • organizing events and outings
  • entertaining and performing

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