Interchangeable in UK and EU terms CV and resume differ greatly in the USA, that fact can explain the difference between CV writing in British and American variants.

In United States CV is written by high-educated persons, involved in science, academic fields and research activity or when you are applying for fellowships or grants. These documents can reach 30 pages and include detailed information about honors, participation in conferences with the names of reports and their main goals, publications in foreign and local publishing houses, affiliations in scientific and social societies, etc.

In United Kingdom CV is a common used term for both documents, so you can meet usage of “resume” only in individual cases. British CV writing services propose usage of CVs in every field of activity. There is no fixed length and it often depends on the level of the position job-seeker is applying to. In general, CV is a document that represents all required information about potential employee to the company.

When you are talking about CV content, there are no any significant differences, but professional CV writers in the USA will definitely lighten such points in their documents such as:

  • aim (position you’re applying to)
  • summary (personal qualities and achievements)
  • languages (with international certificates named)
  • references (available on request)

All the other paragraphs (education, work experience and skills) are the must in both countries. In view of the fact that CV in the USA is considered as application in scientific and academic fields, section “scientific and academic achievements” should be added.

It is important to follow the standards existing in respective countries, for instance, date order can differ: British (day, month, year) and American (month, day, year). Also British or American English variant should be followed: you can check that fact by changing the computer spell-checker type.

It doesn’t matter what type of document you’re going to write make yourself sure that typos and misspellings have nothing to do with your resume, because presentation really plays big role and worth being paid attention to!

Observe these easy steps and you can make an impression of CV professional writer!

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