CV is very important for all candidates. But the problem is that every candidate has no experience of how to write a CV. I am now telling you about the loss of applying with bad CV.  2 months ago my friend Mr. Massion has applied for a job. He has no writing experience and even no knowledge of writing CV.

He saw a job of Network Administration and he got interested as he also had an experience about that job, skills and required education. But the problem with him is that he had no knowledge of how to write a professional CV. But he applied for that job. He was waiting about 1 month but did not get any response from employer and after 1 and half month he came to know that the job had been filled and he had been rejected. When he asked the employer about the reason, the employer told that you have no CV writing skills then how you can perform this job.

The basic purpose of telling that truth is that CV writing is very important for getting a job interview and then a good job. Now I am telling you some instructions about how to write a professional CV.

  1. Try to provide a career overview and a profile statement.
  2. Provide excellent and to the point objective not make it too long
  3. Include some of your accomplishments and career achievements
  4. Expand each sentence up to that limit that helps in creating interest in the mind of employer.
  5. Avoid repeating the same information too many times.
  6. Try to proofread it or have someone else do the proof reading
  7. Avoid putting irrelevant job experiences or information.
  8. Always use updated resume style not an outdated
  9. Try to indicate only month and year of your professional experience not complete dates
  10. Avoid writing your reason for leaving the previous job
  11. Do not write cover letter and salary information on the same page rather different page  for different information.

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