Professional CV writing means mentioning such point as references in any case. But the question remains – should be the references included to the CV, be an attached file or available on request? Let’s try to light up this problem.

Including list of references to CV is acceptable if you have a lot of space place in your document. In other cases it’s better to pay more attention to your profession description and attach CV Reference List as separate file to your CV. This document should be formatted the same as your CV – that makes it look more attractive. At the top of the page write your name, address, phone number and e-mail address, then type the title References. All these things must be placed in center. Now you can give a list of references, at least 3, but not more than 6. Choose the people, you’ve worked with at least one year and be sure they will speak about you positively. The best variant is when these people are from various companies or departments and characterize you from different sides. Ask their permission about adding their names to references and tell some words about the work, you’re applying for. That helps them to suppose what information potential employer is going to hear from them. When you’ve got agreements from references you can make a list, which includes next information: name, position, phone, and e-mail of collaborators. Sometimes you can also mention for how many years you’ve been working together.

It’s very convenient to have ready-made reference list on your computer, so ensure yourself 1-2 collaborator’s permissions to use their names in reference list when you’re changing your place of employment.

“References available on request” can be typed if you’re going to post your CV on website, in case not to trouble your references too often.

Some job-seekers prefer to submit their CVs without references. Such situation isn’t strictly condemned, but taking references list with yourself to the interview is a must. More than half of all employers prefer to call references after successful interview, so don’t miss a chance to show your serious attitude to this work and be ready to give your list on first request.

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