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Every person wants to achieve his personal best in his life. Everybody tries to prove that they are worth of something, that they have some strength, influence, power…Somebody goes to the top through justice and truth, and somebody goes to the same top through betrayal and lie. Many men, many ways of achieving the goal; many different priorities.

The goal is always constant: to be successful. But what is success? To get the job of your dreams? Or to work elsewhere, but to get big salary? What would you choose if you had to make your choice between highly paid job which you didn’t like and a job of your dreams where you wouldn’t be able to get big money?

Hm…my own opinion is that nowadays people who are called “romantics” almost disappeared. It tells us about pragmatism of our community. Money plays much bigger role among factors of happiness then before. People ready to sacrifice everything for the sake of money. Even their own wellbeing…Paradox, isn’t it?

I don’t know about you, but I personally consider that it’s a bit sad. So please let me give you one little recommendation. Before job seeking,  before your CV writing, before all your beginnings THINK TWICE: first time –  “if it brings me high income?” and second time – “if it can make me happy?”. Then at least try to find some compromise between these two options…