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Resume writing managersI’ve witnessed two situations when stupid manager turns star employee into the danger to the company. The cases were quite close to each other by time, still those two happened with two different people.

To make the long story short, the 1st case was about the mid level manager who had his career started in that company years ago. He was not just fully dedicated to his work – he was maniac about that! He was even staying overtime not to have his department candidates to vacant positions waiting for his response while he was processing their resumes.

Other person was office administrator who literally lived in the office just because she loved that. She loved the company she worked for, she loved her tiny salary and she admired the fact everyone in the office was very kind to her. She was happy.

Both edems ended up with new management. Both situations forced people to start looking for new jobs, write new resumes, and  terribly sorry for the extra dedication they were making before they started being treated wrong.

We helped them both. They found new jobs. Good paying ones. Their resumes look fine now and they will not need professional  resume writing service alike ours for next lets say 2 years just because they surely will be happy enough there where they are now. But they will never be the same they were on their 1st job with their first resume, being teens. The management does matter, agree?