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Tips on Finding the Best Administrative Assistant Jobs

If you feel that you are a competent individual, with flair to work as an administrative assistant, you should keep an eye on latest job postings by companies that are recruiting, and apply to the ones which appeal the most to you. Here are a few tips which you may find helpful in the process of finding the most appropriate job.

  • Search it up- The internet is cluttered up with career websites which post administrative assistant jobs on a regular basis. You may look up for recent job posting in or near your area by simply limiting your search to your state or your city. The major sites that allow this particular feature include and There are other websites which provide you with specific job listings, after collecting job openings from all online sites; the most popular ones are and Moreover, you can look into sites like which are particular to administrative posts. Besides searching on different websites, create a powerful resume for administrative assistant job and post it on online job banks. This will increase your chances of being hired.
  • Check newspaper classifieds- When looking for the most perfect job, you should also count on newspapers. Maybe your dream job is awaiting you right on that newspaper.
  • Use career placement services- Many local businesses and big companies make use of job placement agencies to hire administrative staff. Try to sign up with agencies which provide administrative assistant jobs in particular.
  • Build contacts- A sound professional network is one of your key assets that will help you to find administrative assistant jobs. Stay in regular touch with your former colleagues, join professional organizations, attend conferences and seminars, and most importantly keep in touch with those who are already working as administrative assistants. These activities are likely to introduce you to new opportunities in the field of employment, while making you learn many new things.
  • Keep checking upon your desired employer regularly- Is there any particular company you would like to work for? Check their website regularly for latest job vacancies, and submit your resume for administrative assistant job to their Human Resource Department.
  • Advertise yourself- No, you don’t need to place a newspaper ad; just drop off your resume for administrative assistant, at different offices. You never know when a company needs one, and you get hired.
  • Don’t miss a single chance- Attend different job fairs with copies of your resume. Meet professionals, introduce your skills to them and give them a reason to hire you.
  • Carry on with the learning process- Keep yourself updated to advancements in the administrative field, master new computer skills and get more qualified and professional in your approach while looking for a job.