marina-resume-writingWritten by: Maryna Mazurenko

Let’s Write Your Resume Together. For College Students

This page will interesting for the college students. I remember myself sitting in front of a blank page back in college, trying to compose my first resume, knowing not where to start from.

In this article I will take you through some easy steps and we’ll produce your first resume together. I’ll try to handle a simple layout and structure, but you, once we’re done, can change the layout to your liking and add some points which you think might help you in the job search process. Remember, don’t overdo 😀

How to Start Writing your Resume. For College Students

Let’s begin from the very top. I keep to the idea that email and phone number are enough contacts that should be on resume. I don’t see the point to include your home address. So place your email address and cell phone number somewhere in the top, better in the right corner. Make sure your email address has a business like name or something neutral, not “candy_the_girl” or “eat_me_shugar”.

In the center below your contacts place your first and last name. Make it bigger in size and highlight in bold. Make sure the spelling is correct.

tel. +00 000 00 000 00


Below the name you can write your Objective, if you are aiming to submit this resume to some specific position. If not, you can leave it blank and insert the right objective once the right position comes over.

Let’s think of what professional characteristics you may place to the Summarysection. Here you put the facts that characterize your skills and qualifications. Put the most important ones first and then put those less important. For example, if you were working in a students’ newspaper or college International Department as a secretary or translator or assistant, you can say:

· Having 2 years of college newspaper writer (International Department …) experience

· Confident communication and interviewing skills

· Fast blind typing skills

· Advanced computer user

· Intermediate level of conversational Spanish

At the same time, if you have no experience whatsoever, you may write a short summary on the skills you do have and expand the summary section with your personal skills:

· Fast blind typing skills

· Advanced computer user

· Intermediate level of conversational Spanish

· Creative person, noticing inconsistencies and being critical as to doing a job in a thorough way

· Huge desire to work, hit targets, become a better person and have a world of friends

· 100% positivism that is important for me to remain within

Now, as a professional Recruiter, I like this next part very much because it tells me much about the candidate, his/her nature, spirit. I call it a Life’s Motto, but you can have a different name. It’s like “I have a say area” in which people describe in one short sentence something they want the Hiring Manager to know about them. Below is what I personally have on my resume. You can think of something fun and attractive and selling for yourself:


“Professionalism and smile above all”

Let’s move to the most important part – Work Experience. If you didn’t work yet, but only had internships, it will do for the work experience too. Describe very precisely the scope of the work you have been doing. Take a look (pay special attention to theAchievements part; I’m sure you can have this on your profile as well):


09/2004 – 01/2006 Public Relations Department “People’sAcademy

Translator / Interpreter


n Interpreted at official meetings and negotiations of international guests and the Vice-Rector

n Translated official documents and e-mail correspondence (English, Spanish, Russian, and Ukrainian)

n Held international phone conversations

n Performed Internet search of educational grants, university and school programs

n Counselled students on international programs

n Helped to organize meetings with the partners from Poland,England, Turkey, China, Korea, France, etc.

n Was responsible for the posters design and print

Achievements: In 6 months was promoted from fulfilling secretarial and written translation duties to actually meeting international visitors and interpreting at the meetings.

In the next section you can tell about Grants and Programs that you already had. Take a look below. In my resume there are no additional comments about these programs, but you can extend this experience with saying what you have learnt in these programs, how they changed you in the professional sphere, and what traits of character they added to you:


December/2005 “Study Tours to Poland

Students’Leaders Program

1999 – 2000 Students’ Exchange Program Iowa State, USA

Education section is something you can definitely be proud of. Write what college and faculty you attend and when your BA or MA is expected. If you have a nice score in studying, add it to the profile.


2002– 2007 – Kharkiv University of Humanities “People’s UkrainianAcademy

Interpreters & Office managers Faculty, Translation Specialty (English, Spanish)

MA High Honors Degree

2004 – 2006Kharkiv University of Humanities “People’s Academy

PR & Advertising Specialty

High Honors Certificate

If you attended some work-related trainings or workshops, conferences or seminars, note them on your resume. Mind that some seminars that might be kind of not work-related may be interpreted as such if for example they helped you to develop some skills that might help you in your future profession.


n HR Training Interview Methods, “HR Practices” – Munich, 2010

If you have some awards, won some contests, have any other achievements, add them to the profile:


2002 – Gold Medal for High Honours in Secondary Education

1st place deed in the City English Contest

1st place deed in the Region English Contest

2nd place deed in the Region English Research Contest

People’s Democracy Party premium as to one of the 10 best Region pupils


In the personal information section, state your interests and hobbies. You can also extend it with your soft skills, but if you take a look at the summary section, you’ll notice that we already placed some soft skills there.


Hobbies / Interests: Writing, languages & communication, dancing, theatre & music, reading


Enclose your resume with the phrase:



Recommendations, certificates and deeds are available upon request

Congratulations, guys! Now you have your first important personal document produced. I hope it’ll bring you success in finding your first important job and that you’ll be extending it with new experience, new achievements and new victories!

Good Luck!