MarynaMazurenko-best-resume-writerWritten by: Maryna Mazurenko

I had a chance to talk abundantly to the 3 university girls this week-end who came to visit students’ conference in our city. They all are studying to be journalists, so they were asking me many questions throughout the days :).

Frankly speaking after our conversation I was almost ready to start a university course to educate students all over country on employment related details. The scaring fact is that none of these 3 girls had even thoughts of starting their resumes yet. Another fact is that all of them already had some job experiences (freelance commercial projects)! Now, that’s kind of funny. They had jobs already but no resumes yet 😀

To be honest, I must tell you the next truth – you will almost never be able to get a job in a company if you don’t have a resume, whether you like it or not.

The next truth is that if let’s say one day you decide that you like one of the job advertisements and decide to create your resume and you are already 20 something, then you will either have almost empty piece of paper with limited information on your education and trainings for example, or it’s going to be the worst day of your life, because you’ll need to remember SO MANY things from your past in details. The difference is that you won’t just need to remember all your experiences, job related university projects, conferences you participated in, but the thing is you will need to remember all skills, strength, and traits of character all these experiences gave you. Believe me, this is not that easy to do if you have never been doing it before.

So, my advice – if you are a university student now, don’t wait too long, look back at your past work history now and even if you have none, think of what skills characterize you as a good employee, in what way are different. Put them down on a document which you will keep on expanding along the way of getting new employment history. In the end, a well-structured and prepared document will differ you from many other students, show that you are heading for the serious job and show your attitude towards work and business.

Some of the students’ resumes advices:

  • Make sure your email has a business like name. Best of all create a separate inbox for the business related emails with maximum neutrality in the name, for example your name and last name.
  • If you don’t have employment experience, it doesn’t mean this section must be omitted on your profile. I am sure there are experiences you could share with your future employer. Maybe there were internships in your past, or volunteer projects, maybe students’ activities that you organized. Describe what you carried out of those activities, what exactly you did and what you were best at during those experiences. Think :). Be proactive.
  • Education – in this section it’s enough to state your college or university with the course and GPA. Young specialists often indicate the High School too. There is no use in doing this. The difference makes the High School specialized in the subject connected to your future possible employment. Various trainings and courses you attended are better to be listed in a separate section named Trainings for example.
  • Personal achievements – maybe you have your own freelance projects, or you studied a foreign language on your own, or took first places in some contests or any other personal gaining. Don’t lose the chance to be presented you to the employer at your best side.
  • Soft skills – in a separate section of your resume list the positive skills of your character that might be helpful in the job you apply for. For example: sociable, non-conflict, diplomatic, able to work under pressure, etc.
  • Aim – in one resume should be listed one aim, or several alike, but not a list of all possible jobs you could fit into.

Start the work on your resume now! Don’t wait until that first job you’ve always wanted goes to somebody else.

P.S.: After communicated all these to the girls, I saw how sad and impressed they were. I am glad that all of them decided to start creating their resumes first thing after they get back home after the conference.

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