marina-resumewriting-sWritten by: Maryna Mazurenko

This would be interesting for students of high schools, universities and recent graduates. I will try to make you understand in this article that first of all – resume does not grow in a day. You can’t wake up one day and have an impressive resume. To have one, you must work on it continuously as you gain experience and new skills; as you solve tasks, hit targets and achieve aims.

Top tips for students’ resume

The more professional resume is the shorter it is, but at the same time the more it is able to tell. Now it doesn’t mean that the resume should be half page, general length is meant here – 2 pages maximum. With the years you’ll be able to compress the experience in shorter phrases but they will sound big. They will be speaking for you.

I believe that it’s never too early to start creating your resume. Take a special folder to which you’ll be gathering your references, thank you letters, articles about you from the newspapers and other important material that may help you to get your first serious job. If you are a young journalist or a photographer, you may attach examples of your works to this folder and therefore have your portfolio ready to be presented at the interviews.

If you previously had some job experiences, spend couple of hours to analyze what skills you gained in those jobs and compose your first resume with the skills you possess. As you keep on gaining experience, update your profile or refine resume with other facts and skills including soft ones.

In your first serious job make sure that you spend 10-15 minutes every 1-2 months updating your profile with examples of the tasks you were assigned and skills you were able to develop in these new roles. Don’t forget to mention the aims you achieved and success you reached.

Don’t forget about CV

Also spend some time looking at your CV. Think of the skills that would be nice to have on your resume and which you still lack. Set new goals in front of you and keep on reaching them. Ones you get the skills, don’t forget to bring them on your CV.

It is also good to look at yourself from the outside. What phrase can characterize you as a professional? For example, mine is “Professional and smile above all”, or “Let’s keep beautiful in all we do”. It can be anything that you think might add you some extra points. Place it to your resume as your life motto.

Always remember of your resume. After all it’s almost the most important personal document that you’ll ever have in life. Don’t let the experience you gained to be just an experience. Make it work for you. Add it to your profile. After all in the end you never know what skills your future job may require.

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