Meredith Davis Williams, employment law attorney at Miller | Williams LLP, recently said:

You can never be too careful about what you post on Facebook, Twitter, and other social media networks.

A recent survey by California-based data security companyProofpoint found that 20% of the companies surveyed had investigated whether confidential company information had been exposed on a social networking site (including Facebook, MySpace and Linkedin) during the past twelve months (up from 12% over the last two years).  In addition, 20% of the companies surveyed had disciplined an employee for violations of company social network use policies (up from 10% in 2009) and 7% reported that they had terminated an employee for violating such policies.

For past two weeks, from September end till October 11th when we post it, we had 24 (!) requests from employees afraid of how their management or interviewer would react on the their profiles and content on Facebook and other social networks. The profiles and content posted/shared/commented by common US citizens is now playing against the citizen himself or herself. We at not only disagree with such attempts from some of the employers but also require citizens rights protection on the federal level, to prevent any cases alike Meredith Davis Williams had shared.

In October, whoebver is using our other service, gets a Facebook Profile Screening Service for free.

And be cool posting this announcement on your Facebook! 🙂