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Phone Screening Tips from Resume Writing ServiceResume Writing Service Explains Why Phone Screening Interviews Are So Much Popular

Nowadays phone interviews are more widely conducted then ever before and there are several reasons for that. On the one hand, phone interviews are faster and easier to organize, than ordinary interviews, on the other – they help to reach potential employee even in another country. Quite common practice is phone screen interview to select the candidates for the following in-person interview. If you send your resume to potential employer, you should be prepared to phone interview in good time.

Resume Writing Service Tips on Phone Screening Interview

That’s why Resume Writing Service tips from former recruiters won’t be odd in any case:

  • be prepared: make a little research on the company to know its peculiarities, products, goals and customers.
  • make a list of your accomplishments and have your resume writing before your eyes, so that it won’t take time to name any date or title.
  • ensure that there are no noises in the background and inform people in your room that you’re having important call.
  • calm yourself to avoid too fast or nervous speech. Your goal is too be confident and positive.
  • don’t talk too much: be informative and answer directly on the question. Never talk over the interviewer, let him be the guide in your conversation.
  • avoid questions about money. Phone interview is only the second step in your employment process, so at the moment you should interest employer to make an offer. Therefore talk about the benefits you can bring to the company, but not the benefits, you will be brought.
  • be ready to answer on questions about your work experience in details: why you’re leaving the present position, what your main achievements are, what  weak and strong sides you have, what you’re expecting from new appointment.
  • follow up! Write a short note, where you thank for phone interview and emphasize your interest in applied position. That shows your good manners and makes you stand out from other candidates. You can ask resume writing services to create professional follow-up letter to leave a positive impression and increase your chances for the interview invitation.

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