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Where to post a resume? Resume Writing Service answersResume Writing Service Knows How the Active Job-Seekers Should Behave

Active job-seekers don’t apply for a couple of positions after creating an outstanding resume. They are ready to meet new job offers and perspectives, they need to be seen and heard. And posting a resume on various jobsites is the way to tell employers around the globe about your professionalism.

Advantage of resume posting is that your resume will be visible to the companies that don’t have advertised vacancies. Resume Writing Service notices that HR department sometimes initially looks for existing job-seekers and open a vacancy in case they haven’t found appropriate employee.

Resume Writing Service Will Tell You Where to Post Your Resume

Our Resume Writing Service knows how to post your resume to be seen and tells you about principles of resume distribution.

There are 3 places where you can post your resume: jobsites, freelance sites or your own website. Most used are jobsites, so Resume Writing Service will tell about them in detail. Once registered at such job board, you have your own account and ability to post several resumes for different positions so that every resume will be more targeted. Next step is filling fields and answer questions about position you’re looking for. Some sites have extended questionnaire that can supplement your resume information with important details about your skills and personal qualities. The last thing to do is uploading your resume. Reread uploaded version and check formatting carefully, because some symbols can be modified.

Resume Writing Service Knows How to Choose the Right Site

In choosing sites for your resume post, pay attention to national ones like CareerBuilder and Monster: they are most visited. Depending on location you want to work in, Resume Writing Service suggests you to find appropriate jobsites in this area. For example, will be perfect for New Jersey job-seekers and is a choice of international job search. There are also some industry sites like, but they exist only for certain fields.

What Resume Writing Service Thinks of Freelance Sites

Freelance sites match flexible employment of representatives who work permanently on projects and orders from various companies. These sites are similar to auctions, where client places his assignment and eager to work on it job-seekers offer him their conditions. Resume Writing Service is sure posting a resume on such sites is efficient if you aren’t oriented on big company or prefer working with private entrepreneur.

Ask Resume Writing Service for Professional Assistance

To increase your employment chances, post resume on more then 10 different job boards and update your resume status every 2 weeks. Resume posting can take quite much time, but if you want to make it faster, ask our Resume Writing Service to distribute it and watch your inbox filling with interview invitations.