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Action Verbs from Resume Writing ServiceResume Writing Service Opinion on Action Verbs Usage

Resume Writing Service is sure the one big thing which differs a professionally written resume from a one written by a freshman is a rich content of powerful action words – tools that can underline your achievements and strongly emphasize your preference above other candidates. Writing a resume without action verbs deprives your reflection of colors and who wants to be grey in employer’s eyes?

Resume Writing Service Provides the Rules of Power Words Usage

Certified resume writers from Resume Writing Service use the following rules of power words usage:

  • They use only Present Simple! Forget about Present Perfect, because you are depicting accomplishments that are done and aren’t in progress anymore.
  • They never use boring words like “wrote, said or made”, resume writing has to be impressive, so instead of wrote you “developed, investigated or created”, instead of said you “suggested, uttered, persuaded” and instead of made you “managed, performed and constructed”.
  • They keep in mind specifics of your industry and those words that employer is about to read:
    • Administration – inspected, prepared and recorded.
    • Analysis – examinedevaluated and organized.
    • Communication – moderatedpersuadeddirected.
    • Creative – pinpointedupdatedgenerated.
    • Finances – forecastedadjusted and reconciled
    • Management – delegatedcoordinatedplannedexecuted and managed.
    • Problem solving – establishedresolvedimplementedlaunched.
    • Teaching – facilitateddemonstrated and represented.
    • Technical – upgradedcalculatedsolved and computed.
  • Professional resume writers don’t use solely action verbs, but accompany them with powerful adjectives and impressing numbers! Such adjectives as “determined, diligent, loyal, reliable, trustworthy, consistent, methodical and passionate” will definitely make their embarrassing impact! And after adding some percentage, like “increased on 56% company’s income” your resume writing becomes eye-catching!
  • Professional resume writers are careful in using verbs that mean almost the same. For instance, resume writer won’t use “created and designed” in one sentence; it’s better too be conscious and choose only one verb.

Resume Writing Service Is Ready to Help You

Seems like resume writing has turned into essay writing? In some way, you are right. Resume should be readable and, on the one hand, should be easy for understanding, but on the other should be brief and informative. Writing such a one isn’t the most complicated task in the world, but it requires time, patience, a bit inspiration and editing and proofreading. If you aren’t sure in your ability to cope with these, don’t worry – experienced professional resume writers from Resume Writing Service won’t let you down!