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Name Change in Your Resume - Tips from Resume Writing ServiceResume Writing Service Is Sure You Don’t Have to Worry about the Name Change

Marriage or another reason that made you change your name doesn’t lose its bliss when you start editing your resume. Resume Writing Service can assure you there is nothing to worry about! Resume writing includes relevant information about not only professional changes, name changes should be also reflected in it. Resume Writing Service knows 2 ways how to handle it:

Resume Writing Service Provides Two Variants of Including the Name Change

First solution is very simple: just include your current name in parentheses in these formats:

First (Maiden) Last

Liza (Kerry) Little

A second variant looks more attractive and professional: place under your name at the top of your resume writing your former name in smaller font size with “formerly” adding this format:

First Last

formerly First Maiden

Liza Little

formerly Liza Kerry

And don’t worry that a new employer will find a discrepancy while references, publications or former employers checking: you can always leave a brief note in your cover letter, explaining your name change.