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Best Salary Negotiation Strategies from Resume Writing ServiceProcess of salary negotiations with employer raises many doubts, because there is no one right strategy on how to behave yourself, what position to take and what feedback to expect. Resume Writing Service tried to figure out how to deal with salary requests from recruiters and defined the main strategies and points of view, which potential employee can take.

Resume Writing Service suggests you the following strategies:

  • require a wide salary range. This is a safe strategy, because you don’t name exact numbers and only define a range that will be convenient for you. On the other hand, this approach shows your flexibility and non-demanding attitude and that can be viewed as a lack of self-criticism and absence of personal value sense.
  • state the income, that meets your expectations. Fair strategy doesn’t assure that employer will agree on your requirements, but it definitely emphasize that you know what you want.
  • not to provide any numbers and state your flexibility. This is the number one strategy of all freshmen and job-seekers without experience in new field.
  • say that you prefer discuss salary question during the interview. Actually, in that way usually everything is happen in the real world, but when a company receives hundreds of resumes every day, the one without salary request will be automatically omitted, especially if it is one of requirements and is mentioned in a vacancy description.
  • provide employer with your salary history. In such a way you will show how your work was estimated by former employers and quite evident that your new position should bring you higher income.
  • explain that your salary request depends on further work conditions and compensation that employer can offer. You can state desired salary as well, but with a remark on the factors that can influence on it.

The strategy you’ll choose is fully up too you, but Resume Writing Service strongly recommend you not to ignore this aspect in your cover letter. Cover letters is the right place for mentioning your salary request and reasons on how it can fluctuate. And when you feel uncertain in cover letter writing – feel free to ask for assistance of Resume Writing Service – our professional resume writers know how to highlight your salary request so that it will look organic in cover letter text body.