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Protect Your Internet Privacy with Resume writing serviceResume Writing Service Knows How to Make Your Job Search More Safe

Job search won’t be effective if you use only jobsite “employer search”. Today you should be visible. Nowadays the one, whose task is internet surfing, is the recruiter, not a job-seeker anymore. New job-seeker’s aim is to grab attention, to show oneself to the best advantage and to sell for higher price. For these purposes resume posting services and professional networking sites were created. And since making your resume visible implies leaving contact information, you should always be very careful in balancing between providing employer with enough information to contact you easily and not to become a pray to spammers. Resume Writing Service employs a team of resume distribution specialists and experienced LinkedIn profile writers, who know, what kind of personal data should be hidden.

Resume Writing Service Defines Week Sides of Job-Seekers

Resume Writing Service is ready to help you and define week sides of job-seekers:

  • E-mail

Always leave your email address visible for employers. This is the most safe and quite quick way to get in touch with interesting candidate. Thus make your email address to sound serious and professional. Resume Writing Service recommends you to create a separate email for job search affairs.

  • Address and telephone

It would be better to hide this information or make available upon request, unless you want to receive advertise offers every day. It’s acceptable and safe to post information about the state and city you’re leaving in, but not more.

  • Facebook profile

Maybe, you haven’t even suspected, but employers visit social networking sites to get more information about candidates. Our Resume Writing Service specialists emphasize that if your social profile isn’t private yet, job search is a good motivation to change your privacy settings.

  • LinkedIn profile

Professional networking sets a goal to find you an employer and not sharing photos and thoughts, therefore don’t hide your work experience from potential employers and polish your public page. Such things as keywords, certifications and affiliations are musts for successful and fast employment. Never neglect additional options offered during resume posting: define your proficiency level of each skill, specific knowledge, languages you know and trainings you’ve attended. Resume Writing Service understand that all these odds and ends take time, but they definitely make your resume stronger.