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Choose the best resume font with resume writing serviceResume Writing Service Opinion on the Role of Proper Font Choosing

The font you will choose in your resume writing plays very important role on how you will be reflected in employer’s eyes. In chase of resume keyword optimization, don’t forget about your resume’s appearance. It should be easy to read, create a professional look and focus attention on the main sections, so that a reader can easily find out interesting information. Resume Writing Service is sure these tasks can be partially solved with a proper resume font choice.

Resume Writing Service Opinion on the Most Popular Font Types

First of all, Resume Writing Service would like to define main and the most popular font types. They are serif and sans serif fonts. Of course, if you are applying for creative position as a web designer, your options are much wider. In this case your resume writing is an example of your work and even can be viewed as a little portfolio, but for most job-applicants their choice set includes serif fonts like Times New Roman, Bookman, and Georgia and sans serif fonts like Arial, Tahoma, and Verdana. Resume Writing Service points out you should not obligatorily use only one font in your resume: different heading and resume body font styles are also an acceptable variant. So, let’s have a good look on each of the style:

  • Times New Roman

The most popular resume writing font style ever. And the reason is because it is highly legible and creates a professional looking appearance. In spite of such advantages and a guarantee that your resume will look alike on every computer, your resume writing most probably will resemble others.

  • Arial

Very professional and serious looking is ensured with using Arial font.

  • Bookman

Applicants for traditional jobs prefer using Bookman or Century Old style. It is very legible and is good for one-page resume writing.

  • Georgia

Pretty good neutral font for all resume writers, who don’t want to look like others.

  • Veranda

Wonderful Helvetica substitute that looks a bit different, but not too fancy, is an excellent choice for printable resume writing.

  • Tahoma

Big letters are your guarantee of excellent legibility.

Resume Writing Service Highlights the Importance of the Font Size

Another important detail that Resume Writing Service would like to highlight is the resume font size. Our professional resume writers advise you to keep it in limits of 10 and 12 points depending on your resume’s content. For headings use 12 or 14 size and be very careful with shadings, underlines, bold and italics. Use them only when information really needs emphasis.