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first job resume writingsaw a post on Yahoo! Answers…

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Look what my colleague posted…

Question: Should I make a resume or cover letter for a job at Old Navy?


i would do a resume anyway. It wont be complex, you have no experience, so you could just list your skills, your best DOs before, and your objective. MAYBE you wont need it and you will just trash it. But just imagine if the manager coming to the interview asks you to give him your resume….
You better have it, no? 30 mins job and you are safe.

As for your second question, here is a simple practice:
1st imagine your role and responsibilities, this will give you a list A of common duties and situations you will be handling at work,
then imagine what exceptional situations might happen, and this will give you 2nd list B of such.
Try to guess what might be the questions for lists A and B and think over your possible answers.

Your prelast step – explain in oral to yourself why you want this job and why you think you will prevail.

The last one – look into the mirror, smile, and go and win the job!

Good luck to you!
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