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Resume creation…you know I don’t look at it like at the simple writing of the document which is demanded for getting a job. I look at it from the point of art. Marasmus? Hm…perhaps. But anyway you have nothing to do, but to put up with my creative spirit and continue reading my super-blog.

So let’s go back to my favorite subject of resume writing. How does your resume creation pass? You just sit and heave, and heave, and heave….And what? And nothing! You know why? It’s because you don’t  set your fantasy free. Don’t think about resume creation like something that you obliged to do. Think about it like something you are very anxious to do! Believe me, it will make your resume writing process much more interesting! Besides, good recruiters always appreciate creativeness. And creativeness can be achieved only due to your fantasy and imagination. Of course I don’t tell you to write something unreal, like, you have super-skills and can print 500 pages per minute. No. Just find a way to present your information in an interesting way. You can even write in your resume some interesting unusual motto which will attract attention of recruiter and show you as a creative person with interesting ideas. Yes, even such small things can have a really considerable effect. A problem of the most people is that they are afraid of being creative. Don’t!!! Vice versa everybody got tired of these stable templates which are used by everybody! Nowadays we live in time when it’s hard to surprise somebody with something. But we have to try. Giving up is always the easiest way.

At least try to start just from a resume creation. Who knows? Maybe after that you will be a great world-known-human-super-surpriser!))

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