Don’t know what to write on your LinkedIn profile? Here is what our LinkedIn coaching experts suggest mentioning.

John Doe

*John, nothing written here is in stone, which means feel free to make any changes you like, as a LinkedIn profile is not nearly as exacting as a resume. What you currently have is quite good, but I make suggestions for your profile, and if you would like to alter those then do, as you see fit.


*You have already edited your LinkedIn URL to remove the numbers, which is good.

HEADER / HEADLINE (120-character limit)

*Under your picture you want to put keywords, which are words someone would use when searching for a person of your skills. You can also use a branding statement that includes keywords. Suggestions are:

Providing technology sales in alliance / channel management


Technology Sales | Channel Management | Business Development

*Under that goes city/state and industry.

*Ignore Edit Experience and Edit Education because those will auto-fill later.

BACKGROUND/SUMMMARY (2,000-character limit)

I am a driven sales professional with 15+ years of experience in the business, where I have succeeded in translating business concepts and strategies into bottom-line results in revenue growth and customer loyalty.

My background is in high-tech software and telecommunications; more specifically, alliance or channel management mainly with System Integrators. Though my recent employment has been in real estate, I am ready to return to my passion of technology sales.

I am particularly adept at relationship building using a solution-oriented approach and leveraging my solid communication, listening, and negotiating skills.

In brief, you can count on me as:

  • An experienced sales professional who has a history of exceeding sales goals.
  • A team leader with experience in effectively managing channel partners to help increase market share.
  • A history of successfully developing and implementing complex strategies.

And finally, as a seasoned professional, I will draw upon a vast skill set which includes communication, presentation, negotiation, contracting and sales to ensure positive execution of the plan.

EXPERIENCE (1,988-character limit per position listed)

*Here you want a brief summary of what you did at each job and maybe a few accomplishments.

  • Realtor, Sales Associate
  • ABC Company
  •  Jan 2013 – Current

Represent both buyers and sellers and act as mediator between the two. Buy and sell realty by locating property and assisting clients to realize their goals. Engage in marketing procedures.

Some highlights include:

  • Augmented revenue by $3.7M in first full year.
  • Awarded Runner-up DAAR Rookie of the Year.

Senior Alliance Manager

ABC Company

Sept 2012

Also held position as Director Application Sales.

Maintained the CSC and Accenture relationship and the Contact Center software sales with IBM and Verizon. Delivered enterprise software sales and defined and implemented solution-based sales strategies. Collaborated with account teams in the creation of channel strategy.

Some highlights include:

  • Boost revenue stream $6M per year.
  • Exceeded revenue base of $21M per year.
  • Attained 112% of annual quota.

Vice President, Business Development

ABC Company

Sept 2006 – May 2007

Administered over the indirect sales and technology channels.

  • Increased revenue $1.2M.

Vice President, Business Development

ABC Company

Oct 2004 – Jan 2006

Oversaw the development of business lines, to include IVR systems, hardware, and middleware. Leading a cross-functional team, formulated business plan strategies to progress company toward call center globalization, outsourcing, and managed services; guided project, sold concept to internal and external customers, and launched product.

Some highlights include:

  • Grew pipeline by $10M.
  • Exceeded revenue target by 133% of plan.

Director, ABC Company

May 2000 – Oct 2004

Also held position of Area Manager

Managed company’s partner, IBM, along with 15 sales executives; oversaw IBM’s distribution, industrial and government sectors, and established their new product suites.

Some highlights include:

  • Honored as 2002 East Region Sales Associate of the Year.
  • Achieved 2001 Southern Region Sales Associate of the Year.
  • Surpassed annual quota by 115%+.

SKILLS (Max 50 items)

*Skills are also keywords. List your industry specific skills that qualify you for the position you’re seeking. Use one to three word skills, not sentences. What you have on your profile is good.


*The same as on your resume.


*On the right side of your profile page you will see a list of alternate tabs you may want to use. The list is below. Remember LinkedIn is a social network, so personable yet professional information is welcome.













Now that you know how to make a LinkedIn profile, go on and create your own one!