There is a vast difference in the way in which you should write a profile to post on LinkedIn and the way in which you write your resume. This difference is apparent as soon as you start reading other profiles on the site. This is why so many people come to us with the request “Can you write my LinkedIn profile for me?” We specialize in this writing at and we can write a LinkedIn profile for any client.

Write my LinkedIn profile tips

You do not need to be selective when writing a LinkedIn profile. Instead of choosing the experiences and skills you have that pertain to a specific job application, when you write a LinkedIn profile it is important to be as comprehensive as possible. This means that you list all the positions you have held as well as your achievements. This is because many recruiters search for profiles on LinkedIn that contain the names of specific companies.

Other tips we use to help you when you require assistance to “write my LinkedIn profile” are:

  • We write about every position you have held in the past and the work that you did.
  • Strategically placed keywords are essential for LinkedIn. Create profile information that contains keywords relevant to job postings is what we do for you.
  • You should always complete the Specialties section when you write LinkedIn profile because this is what recruiters and employers want to know about.
  • We use headings and sub-headings when we write LinkedIn profile for every client.

Write my LinkedIn profile for connection purposes

We have connections and networking in mind when you ask us to “write my LinkedIn profile”. This is an important aspect of using this social networking platform to gain exposure. The more endorsements you have, the more known you will become. We write a LinkedIn profile for you that gets attention.

When you come to Write My Resume we do everything we can to assist you in using this site to your advantage. You receive much more than profile writing. Our answer to every request for “write my LinkedIn profile” will be individualized and unique to you.

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