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career trends 2015


Career trends in 2015 are progressively rewriting the rules for job seeking, offering more options and more flexible leads for job hunters. On the other side of the coin, however it must be said that it’s a good idea to keep up with the latest trends. You may or may not be familiar with some of the latest recruiting, job seeking, and social media innovations, for example. The new options are very interesting, but if you haven’t actually been engaged or haven’t participated directly in these new methods, you really do need to learn how they work.

Job trends in 2015 are multifaceted. The new 2015 resume trends, in particular, need to be explored, because resumes are becoming much more effective and efficient using new methods and resume format 2015 or other new formats. You can get help from resume writing service.

Check out the new job trends in 2015 with us:

Social networking still rules

Not too surprisingly, social networking continues to be a major facet of recruitment and job seeking. Social media sites like LinkedIn, for example, are becoming much more popular and Facebook usage is increasing among recruiters. An estimated 46% of US companies are hiring through social media these days, so it’s important to maintain a social media presence.

It’s also worth remembering that you need to keep an eye on both social media and conventional hiring options. 38% of US companies use social networking to source employees, and 32% use recruiters. The recruiters, however, are very active on social media themselves, so it’s pretty much an each way bet, and you need to be aware of all possibilities.

career trends 2015


Outsourcing your job search

This may sound a little bit strange, but some people are using outsources to do the job hunting for them. It’s not quite as weird an idea as it might sound – Many people aren’t really very good with search engines, and many jobsites can make searching hard work.

If you have the money, outsourcing your job search may turn out to be an extremely good idea, particularly if you’re a top professional. Outsourcing your job search saves you time, frustration, and the daily grind of job hunting. Consider for a moment the amount of time you spend searching for jobs online, and you can see why this is actually a pretty good idea.

Video resumes and video showcasing on social media

Video resumes have been around for a long time, and experts are still divided on whether or not video resumes are a good idea. The simple and unavoidable fact is that some people are absolutely brilliant at doing video resumes and some people are definitely not. The employment market has been hyping video resumes as a branding exercise, but that’s a major oversimplification.

If you don’t have media training and you don’t have presentation experience, a video resume may not be very good idea. Video resumes are excellent for people who spend a lot of time dealing with other people like sales experts, trainers, advertising specialists, and other people who have adequate media training. If you’re considering any kind of video material, you are strongly advised to ensure that you have adequate preparation and training.

Mobile-friendly, shorter resumes

Mobile technology is continuing to make strides in terms of easy access for employers, recruiters, and job hunters. The bottom line here is “less is better”. Shorter resumes, LinkedIn-friendly resumes and messages, and simpler summaries on resumes are the major trends. The working principle is that your resume should be suitable for mobile devices. Most major platform software is mobile friendly, but it’s a good idea to check your resume or any other materials are using your phone, tablet, or other mobile device, just make sure you know everything is okay.

Mainstreaming your public profile

One of the more controversial trends is taking your personal blog or other branding device mainstream on a site like LinkedIn. This is so-called “thought leadership” translated into content development, and not everybody is sure that it’s a good idea.

On the positive side, LinkedIn does undeniably offer exposure to a gigantic global audience. On the negative side, that doesn’t necessarily mean that this gigantic global audience is necessarily going to want to read your blog post or article. This issue is a little bit more complex than it looks.

Many professionals in particular have a brand image which is centred around a personal website, blog, or other branding mechanism. Going mainstream doesn’t necessarily deliver to the right audience. It might, certainly, attract attention, but in many cases these materials are actually designed for specialists rather than generalists. Thought leadership materials aren’t necessarily light reading and they are certainly not always suitable for a large mainstream audience.

In fairness, however it must be said that LinkedIn is a particularly broad-based audience. Just about every profession on Earth is represented on LinkedIn. Many people will be interested to list some of the subjects posted, if not all. It’s a judgment call whether or not you actually want to use LinkedIn or a similar social media site for branding purposes.

career trends 2015


Becoming an outsource

After all the controversy about outsourcing in the previous decade, outsourcing is now pretty much the norm. Outsourcing can be excellent business, providing more regular employment than stop/ start 9-to-5 jobs. If you’re an expert in your field, and you know how to find jobs in contracts, being an outsource is a definite ongoing option.

This type of work can support you when you can’t get regular work, and also helps you make a lot of professional contacts. Please bear in mind that this work is effectively freelance contract work. You do need to understand the basics of doing business in this form.

To create a great resume, start now

One global observation is currently doing the rounds among job experts, and it may sound familiar – When you want to have a great resume available, you discover that you haven’t optimized your resume, and it’s not in great condition when you need to submit your application.

The bottom line here is to keep your resume up-to-date, and work consistently on upgrading and improving your resume so that it is ready when you need it!