Who We Are: Our Writers

Our Certified Professional Resume Writers (CPRW) are at the state-of-the-art experts in their craft. With backgrounds in talent development, HR consulting, staffing and recruiting and other career development fields, they are aware of not only what needs to be communicated to a prospective employer but the demands and mandates of the contemporary marketplace with respect to helping clients reach the critical benchmark of “candidate hired”.

What We Do: Premium Resume Writing Service

Our writers specialize in applying various cognitive information processing models that can best determine which achievement or competency-based model would best serve a client’s needs. The art of writing a resume or CV requires understanding of precisely how to create the “best fit” between a candidate and a prospective position. This is where we excel!  Would it best serve to use a chronological vs. functional format or a combination of both? The answer to this is representative of the areas where our writers demonstrate field expertise. Importantly, our staff writers are highly familiar with recruiting trends across the board with relation to newcomers with no experience to seasoned senior level job seekers.

What Distinguishes Our Services: The Resume and Beyond

Our premium resume writers are full time coaches and career development professionals! The services offered by them can well exceed the preparation of a single document.  Personal branding is the wave of the future in today’s highly competitive job market.  A generic resume will be automatically rejected and this is where we can make a critical difference. When you consult with one of our premium resume writers, they will work with you every step of the way to make certain all your job-search questions are addressed to maximize your competitiveness!  Does your cover letter communicate exactly why an employer should review your resume first and what they should focus on? Further, when you get that interview are you ready to represent the qualities that so impressed the hiring manager? If you are not certain, than you need to speak with our agents now who will be certain you are paired with the writer/consultant who can best meet your needs!

Why Choose Us The Resume and Beyond

Your Certified Professional Resume Writer:

  • Excels in all forms of professional resume writing and CV preparation
  • Is a certified career planning professional
  • Will be able to comprehensively design career planning strategies with you
  • Communicate with you every step in the process to assure a resume that reflects the best possible ‘You’.
  • Assure that you receive all the assistance you need to ensure a successful job search: resume, CV, cover and follow-up correspondence, interview coaching and more!


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