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A LinkedIn jobs search can be very productive, but think about it the other way – Who’s looking for you on LinkedIn? How easy are you to find? Have you tried searching yourself on LinkedIn without a name search?

Think about that for roughly 2 seconds, and you can see the possible problems. Your LinkedIn profile is how you are found on LinkedIn. As you can see, this is an absolute no-brainer, and yet just about everybody overlooks this simple fact.

It follows with a certain gruesome logic that if your LinkedIn profile is 100% completed, you will be much easier to find than if your profile is 10% completed. In practice, most people do not have a 100% completed profile, although recently most people do have much more complete profiles than they had in the past.

Completing your LinkedIn profile – The issues

linkedin jobs searchIt’s not quite as simple as simply filling in the blanks or resume writing, though. The value of the information you use to complete your profile is the real issue, and that’s what you need to think about. Many people leave areas of their LinkedIn profile blank simply because they don’t want to include certain information or don’t think it’s necessary.

As a matter of fact, important as completing your LinkedIn profile is, that doesn’t mean your judgement is necessarily wrong about these things. Some information isn’t helpful, and some information isn’t really necessary. The real problem is the searchability of your profile on LinkedIn, and that’s where you need to focus.

Things that go missing from your LinkedIn profilelinkedin jobs_search

Typically, the most likely things that will not be included in your LinkedIn profile are:

Skills – Just about everybody lose at least a few skills. In the era of multitasking, everybody has more skills than they quite realize, and a few will go missing on the LinkedIn profile.

Education – Education is a moot point in some ways. Qualifications, obviously, are good to have. The question is how important is it whether you went to a certain school or not? If you’re holding a school reunion, maybe, but if you’re searching for an accountant or lawyer, it’s a different ball game.

Yourself and your personality – The people who are looking for you, personally, are looking for characteristics. Are you a real fan of something or someone? Are the areas in your LinkedIn profile about your interests completed? As you can see, this is a major component in your profile that may or may not be working properly.

Completing your LinkedIn profile for improved searchability

search jobs linkedinThere’s only one way to really complete your LinkedIn profile to your own satisfaction – Go over your profile systematically, and then search yourself through LinkedIn.

Next, search jobs on LinkedIn and see how you go about finding your own profile. If your profile is near the top of your profession, or your business profile ranks well using the right search terms, your LinkedIn profile is complete.

While completing your LinkedIn profile, go for quality over quantity. You’ll be glad you did. For more information about completing LinkedIn profiles, see this link.

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