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resume writing rulesSome mistakes people make when writing a resume can easily be noticed and corrected. That is why check your resume carefully and correct all the drawbacks you notice. However, the greatest mistake is sometimes wasting your time on preparing a resume that will not attract anyone’s attention. That’s why it’s always better if an expert checks up your resume before you submit it. But there is something you can do personally! So read what mistakes usually prevent people from getting a job.

Grammar and spelling.

Yes-yes, you are not already in a high school, but you can never forget about it. It is often considered that a literally composed resume is rather an exception than a rule. If you do not pay attention to writing properly, it will show that you do not respect your employer and besides that you are inattentive to details.


IF your resume is well formatted, it will be easy to read. Your paragraphs and sentences should be quite short and full of information. The hiring experts are busy people and they will not even consider your resume if it will not be attractive for them.


It is quite a difficult task to tell about all your skills in the right way. I think, you agree that the same information may be rendered in many different ways. Make up a list of issues you will mention in the resume and then think, what is the best way to present them!


Even if you have a resume written perfectly well, without any mistakes, perfectly formatted and with perfect content, your success is still not guarantee. And you know why? Because it is ordinary. Remember that there are lots of people willing to get the job. For the employer you are just another guy willing to get a position. You will need something that will demonstrate that you are a really special guy!

I f you really want to get a job, proofread your resume several times, correct all the mistakes and make it really perfect and truly outstanding! If you are not sure in your abilities, address to experts. There are lots of them willing to help you!