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A small introduction about my self

Jonathan Doe

Webdesigner & Web Developer from Melbourne

Searching for oneself for some time, freelancing and working hard for several companies I`ve finally set myself up to get a new update for my career. I now seek my goal in helping and contributing to other companies bring to life their unique design strategies. Having professional experience on the field, knowing the target audience to work with, knowing how to collaborate with your own team, it is no problem to bring the best decisions to clients to satisfy their needs.

It takes the inspiration and drive of one person to light the others. Great performance if than a reward.

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Technical Skills

I can say i’m quite good at


5 years experience in usage, simply expert


4 years of experience of usage, need to study new trends


4 years of experience of usage, need to study new trends


3 years of experience, full commence


2 years of experience, confident user


2,5 years of experience, confident user

Work Experience

My previous associations



Senior UX Designer

Senior experienced designer and a team leader. SImultaneous work with product managers, designers, and project managers to find a solution for the customer need. Full understanding of the technological process and easy advertising of this process to the customer. Formulating the brand of the company`s product through design.



Visual / UI Designer

Responsible for design of each element of website with which the user interacts; ensure that there is visual communication path is done according to UX strategy.


Matrix Media

Visual / UI Designer

Creating beautiful and modern designs, following the current trends, simple for user designs crafting, both individual and a team player, depending on the task, launching new features on the website

Education & Diplomas

What I have done in my academic career


Master Degree of Design

University of Design

Finished with honors, as my final project was totally business oriented and done on the basis of cooperation with my first job.

Sept, 2007

Bachelor of Arts

University of Design

Getting into detail of web designing decided to pick up the second higher education degree to have a full understanding of the art of web design.

Feb, 2005

Master Degree of Design

University of Design

Have been first in the course among 500+ students. Was inspired by tutors to continue my education.


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