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Imagine you decided to make shopping and you  bought a coat. A simple coat which you’re going to wear when it will be cold and rainy weather. Then you come home and want to stand out before your reflection in a mirror. But suddenly you notice something that you haven’t noticed at the store. This coat doesn’t fit you much. And the color is not so beautiful as it seemed hour ago. You don’t like it anymore. So you brought your coat back to the store and received your money back.

Easy? – Easy

But can we do the same with some non-material stuff?

Resume Writing CooperationLet us suppose you’re a job seeker. You wrote a resume, you made your resume distribution, you were getting ready to your interview with your recruiters and finally you got a job. But after working for this company for one year you realized that it wasn’t your occupation, that it wasn’t what you would like to go in for during your life. And now you want to make a restitution…like with that coat.

You come to your chief and offer him to make a deal, where you’re going to give him back all the money you earned during the year, and he will give you back all the time you spent working for him. “Deal”  he says. Your spent time is given back to you. You have an opportunity to use it at will. Again.

Wonderful opportunity, isn’t it?

But unfortunately it’s not a reality. We can’t have our time back to live it in other way. Think twice before making important decisions. And now I’m talking not only about job searching.