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resume writing tipsSo, you have just graduated. Now you are a young specialist looking hopefully into the future. But every day you can hear scary news about poor economical conditions, about the lack of working places, about the impossibilities for youngsters to find a job… All that sounds disastrous! But should you believe everything you hear? Definitely not! Everyone faces similar problems when being a non-experienced worker. But things are not that bad, anyway! Of course, I do not mean that once you try you will get exactly what you need, but carry on! Anyway, I’m sure you are talented enough to be successful! Be realistic and start your bright career. I want to speak of some notions you should remember at this point!

Confidence. Why are you supposed to be anyhow worse than all those experienced guys? You have graduated, you have a university degree! That means you are quite successful already. You are young and open to new ideas! That is exactly what some companies need!

Enthusiasm. Do you know what makes you stand out from all competitors? Your will to work! You are still not disappointed, you are eager to work. You have interest and not indifferent, like many other experienced people are. Show that working with you will be pleasure to your colleagues!

Built up your own strategy. It is clear that your first work place might be far from being perfect. But this is something you should keep to yourself. Built up relations with your colleagues and boss in such a way that they would appreciate you. Mind your audience and stay loyal!

Persistence. I have no doubts that you posses all the necessary qualities to reach your aim. Bu unfortunately, your boss may not be that confident. Prepare carefully for every job interview, follow phone calls, and try to get a certain answer. “NO” means “NO”. Never beg anyone for a job. Unlucky at this place? The next one will bring you success! Just, keep calm and carry on!

Everyone, even the most successful of us face difficulties, but you should always believe in yourself. Be confident and realistic. Start bit by bit and eventually you will fulfill your dream.

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