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With the number of professionals posting in LinkedIn, you need to stand out from the crowd to increase your chance of getting hired. But with more than 90 million LinkedIn profiles, it seems impossible!

Well, there is one way to stay top in the game and that is to build an outstanding executive LinkedIn profile! By doing so, you can guarantee that hiring managers will flood your inbox for job opportunities.

However, executive LinkedIn profile is not that easy to do as there are a lot of competitors out there who also have strong profiles in LinkedIn.

The NO’s in Your LinkedIn Profile

In creating your LinkedIn profile, you need to note that you should not do the following mistakes:

  • Absence of Recommendation

Recommendations are important as employers will give it a look. In fact, it can create an impact. If you don’t have any, they might think that you are not being serious since no one can vouch for you.

  • Too many recommendations

On the other hand, if your recommendations are flooding, employers might think that it’s good to be true and seems unbelievable.

  •  A Make believe profile

Lying in your LinkedIn profile will not do you any good. As no matter how hard you try to hide it, the truth will always come out.

  • No picture

Hiring Managers would prefer someone with a photo to ensure the identity and interest of the jobseeker.

  • Inconsistent Profile

If you keep on changing your profile word for word, from beginning to end, employers might doubt your reliability and credibility.

The YES in Your LinkedIn Profile

In making your executive LinkedIn profile, these steps are the ones that you should consider:

  • Upload the best photo

Impress the hiring manager by uploading your professional photo with a genuine smile.

  • Update regularly

Regular updates of your profile increases the interest from hiring managers. However, it doesn’t mean that you should change everything from top to bottom.

  • Utilize Keywords

Using keywords allows the traffic to your profile. So when employers type in a certain keyword that matches to yours, they can surely come across your profile.

  • Profile Completeness

Fill up all the information needed. Employers always go for those who have complete profile.

  • Add recommendations

Increase your credibility by adding references and recommendations but too many is not necessary.