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Bosses...Every company has its own boss. Boss of the bosses who controls all the employees and chiefs of every department, who makes mega-deals, who rules big money and…who frightens all the personnel by only one fast glance. Perhaps you’re one of that “lucky” men who succeeded to work namely for such a kind of boss.

While going to work you’re stuck in a traffic jam and there is a possibility that you can be late (notice that I said possibility, ONLY possibility). You start panicking, calling to mind all possible variants of excuse, you’re beeping desperately and making the air blue with a driver who’s ahead you, you’re calling nervously to your colleagues, asking them to cover you up if God Forbid! boss notices you’re absent. But…in 10 minutes the traffic is dispersing somehow and you get to work in time.

Fortunately this time everything turned out all right. But look how much nerves it cost for you…And your boss managed to do this with you even without talking to you! What an astral connection. Feel everything even on a distance! Real telepathy.

Since the day of your interview with the chief, you understood that working with him would demand everything to be done perfectly to the smallest details. And you even wanted to send your resume to some other companies, but your friend dissuaded you from it. Remember “The Devil Wears Prada”? Miranda Priestley…this authoritative Iron Lady, who had a huge power, who smiled only for publicity and who could fire an employee even because of the color of the shirt he had on?

Maybe namely that’s why such bosses exist? Maybe namely these features can lead to the peak of career?

Who knows…I still try to find the answer for this question. But I want to say one thing: “Hey, reader, if you’re someone’s boss and you’re like that one described above, be milder. At least a little. At least sometimes. Discipline and respect can be caused not only by fear planning…”

Hope somebody will hear me.