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best linkedin company pages


The best LinkedIn company pages are excellent examples of layout and information management. If you’re looking for a virtual How-To manual for creating your company page, we have exactly what you want, 10 examples of the very best. You can also check resume format 2015 and get to know about career trends 2015 if you need. First, let’s look at how these very different LinkedIn pages are designed:


The big global information company Dell has a LinkedIn page which is also a news feed, career portal, and high-value page to users in many ways. Using a very simple but informative layout, Dell combines currency of information with functionality.


Software company Evernote uses a professionally oriented LinkedIn page to deliver information about its products, link to employees and interface with product users. Evernote is a smaller company, but its LinkedIn page was one of the best of 2014.


L’Oreal is one of the world’s biggest and best-known cosmetics companies. This large global company has managed to create a page and an interesting mix of social and business media messages to interact with business and customers

Tesla Motors

Tesla Motors is one of the most innovative auto companies on Earth, driving the development of high-performance electric cars and exploring new technology. Their LinkedIn company page reflects this culture, including a range of news, features, and messages from customers and interested professionals.

The Nature Conservancy

The Nature Conservancy is a global land preservation and conservation group. This company was founded in 1951, devoted to maintaining and protecting “natural capital”, the natural resources of the world. The Nature Conservancy uses its LinkedIn page to provide information through blogs and links to its many projects.


Marketo is a software company of medium size. According to their LinkedIn page, they specialize in “lead management, lead nurturing, marketing automation, demand generation, revenue performance management, social marketing”. If this sounds like a very diverse portfolio, it is. Marketo uses their LinkedIn page as a streamlined interface to manage information and contacts throughout their business spectrum.

Hootsuite Media Inc.

Hootsuite is a marketing company which also has a very broad base of specialties and core business activities, including “Social Media Management System, Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Google+ Pages, Social Media ROI, Analytics, Collaboration, Engagement, Security, Dashboard, Marketing, Outreach, Promotion.” This is a news and information intensive LinkedIn page, providing a lot of useful information to followers about its activities, new market trends, and much more.

Luxottica Group

Luxottica is a large global company specializing in fashion and sports eyewear. This is the company that owns Ray Ban, among other well-known products. The Luxottica LinkedIn page manages a diverse range of information for followers and public contacts.

Procter and Gamble

This is one of the world’s major brands, owning a very diverse range of commercial assets, marketing, and advertising with a customer base of 4.8 billion people. Their LinkedIn page is a combination news feed, information source, and social interaction platform.

Wells Fargo

Wells Fargo is one of America’s oldest and best-known companies and a market leader in the finance sector. Wells Fargo’s LinkedIn page isn’t what you’d expect. While there’s a natural range of business materials, Wells Fargo has also opted to provide information of consumer interest and broader spectrum information relevant to consumers.

best linkedin company pages


What Makes a Great LinkedIn Company Page?

As you can see from the above company pages, there’s no single recipe for a great LinkedIn page. The best practice approach, in fact, is more about information quality than a formulaic strategy. These pages are good, and they were chosen by LinkedIn as the best LinkedIn profiles because of their highly effective content and page information qualities.

There’s a working business principle behind this group of company pages which need to be understood. These LinkedIn profile samples are also highly indicative of the extremely broad and diverse LinkedIn user base.

Users of LinkedIn tend to be business-oriented, looking for information on their LinkedIn pages. They often have multiple areas of interest and need fast access to this information. They also may want to research information direct from the companies.

This is why LinkedIn works, and why a good LinkedIn company page is such a major asset. This is a “plug and play” company page structure, linking directly to materials and information which may not be on the main website, and items of current interest, rather than the purely commercial elements of other company sources.

Each of these LinkedIn pages maintains a useful supply of information for page users. That’s the real value of a good LinkedIn company page, and it’s also the primary reason that these pages were chosen as the best company pages on LinkedIn in 2014.

best linkedin company pages


Tips and Tricks for Company LinkedIn Pages

Take away information from these LinkedIn pages is plentiful. Even if you’re not in the same industry or market as any of these companies, you can see how they’re managing their information. You can also see the information mix of topical and business information.

It’s interesting to note that one of the common factors with all of these LinkedIn pages is careful attention to information quality. Company information is provided in a very economical way, with links and covers quite a broad additional range of subjects, beyond purely business information.

User receptivity is obvious, and it’s clear that each of these pages is very much a part of the overall corporate media presence. That’s important because one of the defining bottom lines of uses social media is that some companies know how to use it and some don’t. Each of these companies is clearly following a structured media management process, combining of information with good layout and not merely providing “parrot” content, simply reproducing press releases, et cetera.

Take the time to explore these pages, and compare the company called a business to the LinkedIn page. You’ll see many connections, some of which are obvious, and some which definitely are not obvious. You’ll find this is an education in itself, and if you’re looking to create your own company page, these pages are where you will learn the art of LinkedIn page management.