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resume writing technologyYou probably saw my yesterday’s post on resume writing service marketing. Now lets get to the technology part of the resume writing.

What systems do you think need to be present at common resume writing service operations side?

From top of my head, these are:

1) Billing, the most important part where all resume orders from students and executives pass through this system

2) Production Web servers where whole resume writing website is hosted and running

3) Test Web servers where all the website changes on resume copy, resume site design and so on are made 1st to see how it actually works

4) computers for office work, networking equipment, phones for the resume writers, and so on

5) the website engine with web developers and designers who support the resume writing backend all the time

If you think of these all things, you would understand that running an onilne resume writing service is not too easy. But since we are still up and growing you may guess we do pretty well. Thank you all for supporting us! More parts to come in this serie