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Depicting Hobbies in Your Resume - Resume Writing Service AdvisesOur life consist not only of work and business, we all need something more to fulfill our soul and brain. Activities that give us the biggest joy are known as hobbies. Is there a place for them in your resume? Resume Writing Service says: “Definitely, yes!” Your potential employer is a human as well as you and is looking not only for professional, but also for interesting personality and, sometimes, for a good company.

If among your hobbies are also relevant to your specialization (for example, department manager and chess-player: good strategic skills are predominant), you’re invaluable employee! To make resume hobby section your winning tool to employment, just follow some rules of our Resume Writing Service:

  • Your skills should be unique!

Reading and the Internet surfing aren’t those activities that will stand you out. Our Resume Writing Service professionals are sure that in order to impress the recruiter you need to be specific. If you aren’t interested in something extraordinary, just define more narrow your preferences: don’t say “listening to music”, but name a genre or a performer.

  • Be honest!

Resume Writing Service suggest you not to try to impress employer with Quickstep dancing, if the last time you’ve danced was at the graduation party. Some of the mentioned hobbies can be easily proved during the interview by a chance: you may be asked a provocative question or even suggested to perform your proficiency.

  • Don’t go too far!

When you like volleyball it’s great, but come to nothing more than naming your team, but not awards, sport associations, any dates and teams you have ever played for. If you’re really inspired and want to talk about your hobby, Resume Writing Service is sure you’ll get such a chance during the interview.