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What are the most ridiculous things that people have put on their CV that have affected their application? You can get the answer from expert help now and enjoy premium quality resume writing service!

ridiculous things on cv


If you don’t know about the craziest things that applicants have included in their application, check out the following:

  1. An applicant claimed to have won a Nobel Prize Winner.
  2. An applicant said to have been terminated or fired due to an accident.
  3. When listing work history, an applicant wrote whorehouse, instead of warehouse in the work history.
  4. An applicant claimed to be fluent in two languages into which one was pig Latin.
  5. A claim was made by an applicant saying that he’s CEO of the company to which they’re applying.
  6. There was an applicant whose personal website was link to a porn site.
  7. An email address used and included in a resume was 2poopy4mypants.
  8. One applicant claimed to have worked in jail when they’re really in their serving time.
  9. An applicant claimed that he has worked in three companies located in three different cities at the same time.
  10. An applicant went out the way, sending a 3D printed head, which had a slogan saying, tiny head, big ideas, being a resume hoping that using this model of his head would be able to grab the attention of his future employer.
  11. An applicant sent a plastic foot that comes with the introduction line of her cover letter saying that she wanted to get her foot in the door… she also added other foot references, saying her shoe was the correct fit.
  12. An applicant sent a resume with a small plastic vial, containing red-colored liquid with a note saying he would sweat blood at work.
  13. An applicant in his resume’s education section wrote that he has a specialty course, “How to be patient with an impatient boss.”
  14. An honest applicant wrote that he was seeking a permanent position of getting out of debt.
  15. A ridiculous applicant wrote in the resume that he has experience in the technology industry, but also said that it was 20 years ago.

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There you have the most ridiculous things that applicants have included in their resume that you might want to know about for some funny inspirations to avoid in your resume.