Creating an executive resume by oneself is quite a tricky thing to do. Having looked at dozens of self-made executive resumes, professional executive resume writers have realized that there are certain patterns which lead to the failure of the executive resumes to land an interview. Our experts from will share their findings on the most often made mistakes in order to make sure that you are not going to repeat the glitches of executive resume writing.

Usual Missteps Of Executive Resume Writing

Choosing resume format. Expert executive resume writers are sure that many applicants slip up by using a pure resume format. As you know, there are two most widely-spread resume formats: a functional and a chronological resume. However, none of them alone can make your resume impressive. The problem is that a functional resume type by itself isn’t able to present your skills and areas of expertise; while a functional resume fails to convey the chronological context of your experience. What is the solution? Creating a hybrid executive resume which will include the best of the resume types mentioned above.

The absence of the resume title. Some applicants tend to overlook adding a title to their executive resumes while writing them. This, according to our experts from, is a big mistake, for the title of your resume plays a crucial part when it comes to the first impression your resume makes on the employer. Thus, in order to ensure the success of your resume, you ought compose a compelling but brief title which will present your core capacities.

Resume customization. Many job seekers underestimate using key words in their resumes. This, according to professional executive resume writers, is a blunder of resume writing. Key words are made to make your executive resume seen by the recruiters which is of prime importance because the competition for job positions is fierce nowadays. Ideally, you should use the same keywords which are mentioned in the description of the position you are applying to.

Get An Error-Free Executive Resume

In order to make sure that your resume is written in the best possible way, turn to a professional executive resume writing service which will take care of it. Our writers from, for example, are always there to assist you with executive resume writing, editing and proofreading, When turning to us, you can be sure that your resume will be written according to the secrets of successful resume writing which are well-known by our experts.