Your resume format is very important, without it your effort will be worthless. Consider your resume as your marketing tool to sell yourself to your potential employer, and avoid having your resume consigned to the stack of boring resumes in the file cabinet.  For next year, you have to think of the best resume format in 2013, or get Resume Writing Service assistance.

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Resume Writing Service Chronological format

Chronological Resume Format 2012

Chronological Resume Format 2012 (3 pages)

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The best resume format in 2013 is this format. It serves as your record of your work history in an arranged order.


It shows your qualifications for the position you apply for. It clearly indicates your work record. It is often arranged in the increasing order base from your responsible experiences. It is your straightforward and common resume that most employers are accustomed to.

Resume Writing Service Functional Format

Functional Resume Format 2012

Functional Resume Format 2012 (3 pages)

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It is also considered the best resume format in 2013 for most job applicants because it mainly focuses on the principle formats and mentioning examples of your potential and your ability to make the company successful.


It showcases your accomplishments and transferability of skills for a dynamic career. In this format, you group items in categories. This can highlight your adaptability for change that is contradicted in conventional resumes. If you’re well-established in the career you chose, it is the most effective resume format because it highlights your skills.

Resume Writing Service Combination Format

Combination Resume Format 2012

Combination Resume Format 2012 (3 pages)


If you are not convinced about the preceding resume formats, try this out. It highlights the strengths not present in the last two formats.  Your chronological resume style is a pure work of your autobiography. It is like your assertion of your abilities but not linked to references.

In the chronological-combination format, you keep the old structure of your job experiences and highlight your accomplishments, too. On the other hand, the functional-combination style is your summary of accomplishments, skills, and distilled experience area.

Choosing your resume style or format is a major move that you have to consider. It is the compelling and real style that shows the difference. It can create an impact in your job application, and your employer will greatly see your effort and initiative in making yours the best resume format in 2013.

In this case, you go to check on your real objective in applying for the position and your background that will be your guiding factor in choosing the right format appropriate for you.

Choose from the list to determine your best resume writing service format in 2013. Good luck in your job search, and do think of the best format to use for your resume!

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