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You cannot write a universal resume that will help you to get any job you want. Every position requires certain approach to resume writing. There are many resume writing formats, but you should also remember that at any level of your career you should write a specific resume.

Tips for Entry Level Resume Writing

For example if you are a recent graduate or a student you will have to write an entry level resume. It will be quite a difficult task to get a job because employers usually want to get someone who is already experienced in some field. You will have to show what you can possibly do rather than what you have already done. HR managers understand that they will hardly ever find a young specialist who has already got several years of experience.

The main goal of an entry level resume is to show your potential. As your experience is very limited you’ll have to focus on your abilities, knowledge and achievements you’ve gained during the long years of studies. You should show how you will be able to apply your theoretical knowledge when facing real, everyday problems. Every young specialist should express his or her desire to learn and get new skills. You should prove your enthusiasm by using specific words like “reliable, hard-working, skilled at…, open-minded, ready for team work, etc.”.

In case you’ve had some part time job or participated in any volunteer activities don’t hesitate and include it into your entry level resume. You may have taken some courses where you must have acquired certain skills. Mention this in the resume because every detail is important for some writing an entry level resume.

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