Elements of a Personal Assistant Resume

A personal assistant resume contains some slight variations from what you would find in a prototypical resume. For example, personal assistant resumes are best when they emphasize the supporting roles that a candidate has played as part of a larger project or system. If you have had a supporting role such as an assistant in any other position, it is advisable that you mention this when you apply with your personal assistant resume. It is also broadly unnecessary for personal assistant resumes to list a great deal of work experience. It is preferable that a personal assistant resume focus instead on skills and abilities – how will you be able to help your boss? This is of greater value than, say, your education or GPA.

The Importance of Personal Assistant Resumes

Personal assistant resumes are important because each is so disparate from the next. A personal care assistant resume must emphasize the abilities of the candidate to take care of an individual, so medical knowledge or its equivalent is necessary. A celebrity personal assistant resume must demonstrate your ability to defer and not overreact in the presence of the famous, and be able to brew a killer cup of coffee. An executive personal assistant must have a tremendous deal of knowledge about business affairs, and be able to make small decisions in lieu of their boss should their boss be absent or out.

Different Kinds of Personal Assistant Resumes

As previously highlighted, there are several different kinds of personal assistant resumes, and each personal assistant resume must be sure to focus on its niche abilities and skills. While an executive personal assistant resume is expected to have some background in matters of finance and economics, the same cannot be said for a celebrity personal assistant resume. A personal care assistant resume is different than them both, as they should have some knowledge of human physiology and what to do in the case of a health emergency.