Finding a new job is very difficult in today’s job market, for every position that gets advertised there are often hundreds of applicants. This means that you have to ensure that your resume is going to make you stand out to be selected for your interview and that you have the skills and the confidence to get through that vital interview stage. This is where our job coaching services and interview advice can help you.

This brief article will take you through:

  • What our job coaching training covers
  • How our job coaches are qualified
  • Why you can trust our job coaching

What does job coaching training cover?

The aim of our job coaching is very simple; we want to provide you with the necessary skills and the confidence to be able to answer any interview question or pass any test that you may be presented with. This requires us to be able to provide you with one on one job coaching with our experts that covers every aspect of your likely interview.

Our job coaching techniques cover everything from providing likely interview questions through to full practice interviews with feedback. If there are likely tests that you will be asked to undertake our experts will be able to coach you through those also.

The best staff for job coaching

It is not possible to learn from someone who does not have the right job coaching skills who just works from a written list of generic interview questions and suggested answers. Through our service you will work with a certified coach (CPRW&CC certified) who will have the job coaching skills required to develop a highly focused program of job coaching that will suit your particular specific needs.

We also only hire certified coaches that hold graduate degrees; we select the coach that will hold qualifications and has significant experience in your industry to work with you. This means that you work with someone who knows exactly what the interview will be looking for from you and will be able to prepare you to best reflect those needs.

Why we guarantee our job coaching

Getting quality job coaching online is never easy; you have to find a professional service such as ours that can provide you with a tailored program of training that will fully prepare you for your interviews. We know that our quality coaches will provide you with the best, but if you feel that they are falling short in any way you need only contact us and we will solve the problem immediately without any additional costs on your part or we will refund your purchase.

Job coaching through us is fully guaranteed so you really have no reason not to contact us today to get the help that you will need to get through that interview with a smile on your face.