Good career advice as well as resume writing needs to be understood properly to encourage you to take it. Most people get a lot of career advice at times when they’re not really experienced enough to get the message clearly.

How to recognize good career advice

career recommendationsTo understand advice, you need to understand the value of that advice. When you ask someone for advice, why do you ask? Are you asking simply because you think someone might have the answers you need? Or, are you asking a person for their professional opinion because of that person’s experience and knowledge?

Either way, the fact is that you know that you need career advice. You recognize good career advice when it makes good practical sense. At entry level, you know instinctively that the knowledge of experienced people is valuable. In mid-career, you begin to understand how valuable at knowledge really is, and usually regret not taking it sooner.

The bottom line is that good career advice always points to a productive outcome. You can see that it leads to a positive future situation, not some motormouth feelgood fiction.

Examples of good career advice

The best career advice is always based on managing situations. Careers are series of situations. The person that gives you the best advice is actually a problem solver, the question is whether or not you recognise the problem, and how the problem is being solved.

If you’re getting the impression that you might not have understood some very good career recommendation you’ve already been given, you’re quite right.

For example, consider this situation and the related advice:career recommendation

Situation: Good working relationships are the true key to success.

Career advice regarding building relationships: The best way to build relationships is based on mutual respect, understanding and productive working partnerships.

If you haven’t been in the workforce for very long, you may not understand how important relationships really are. You may also not understand why “mutual respect” is so critical in any relationship where trust in people’s abilities is so important. You may not quite understand what a “productive working partnership” really is, and why it matters so much.

If you’re in mid-career, you know only too well exactly what every single word in that career advice really means. You understand why that advice is so important.

Do you know how to take good career advice?

The best way to take good career advice is simple enough:

Take that advice and apply it ASAP while you can. The best career advice shows you a way to achieve your goals and progress. Good advice is like a good service, it clarifies situations and makes them manageable.  It teaches you how to resolve problems and manage issues in your career.
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Whatever the situation, you can always get good career advice if you’re prepared to listen and understand that advice. If you’d like to see more examples of career recommendations, check out this link for a range of advice and ideas from HR experts.

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